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Rely on Us for Your Landscaping Service in Maui, HI

Rely on our expertise to beautify your surroundings
Whether you've been contemplating updating or restoring your landscaping, or you simply would like to create an entirely new landscape, our expert landscape design team is here to release the inner beauty of your Maui property in ways you've only dreamed of.

Contact us in Wailuku, HI today to learn how easy and affordable it can be to transform even the most challenging plot of land into a beautiful area that will be appreciated by anyone who sees it!

Expert landscape design and restoration

At Kihei Gardens & Landscaping Company, our landscape design team is ready to work on any property. Whether you have a certain function in mind for your property, or you would simply like to see it turned into an area of exceptional beauty, we can help with the right plants, lighting and more!

Our landscape design team is also ready to restore your existing landscape, turning it into an area that will exceed your expectations. From dealing with weeds to fixing irrigation problems, trust our team to complete the job with guaranteed results.

A contractor you can count on

We are the largest landscaping service contractor on Maui, HI which means we have all the necessary knowledge, tools and equipment to get the job done right! We understand irrigation, excavating, land clearing and much more. And we use quality products, such as Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting and Rain Bird sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Call us in Wailuku today and let us give you an honest and professional assessment of what's possible for your property. We know you'll like what we have to say!

commercial service

At Kihei Gardens & Landscaping Company, we have experience with both commercial and high-end residential properties. Our landscape design team is well-versed in the different needs of various types of clients, so we can easily meet your specific requirements. 

We're here to give you the results you want, at a price that meets your budget. Call us in Wailuku today to learn more or to arrange for a consultation!

Plans for landscaping service in Maui, HI
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